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Thank you 2019 Hello 2020

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It took me some time to collect all memories, and inner pictures about 2019. Finally I chose these 9 photos, which are just a small piece of my year, but I thought OK, let's play and pick up my Best 9.

In 2019 next to my office job (half-time) I illustrated 2 books (designed them as well), and a folktale calendar, several business cards and some brochures, posters, creative flyers, and several other illustrations.

But behind the numbers, what happend with me:

2019 was kind of a milestone for me. So many things happend around me and in me as well.

Let's start somewhere at the beginning of the year.

We still live in Belgium, with my wonderful family, and I work half-time in an intellectual proper company. I studied Dutch in an evening school, drove 120 km average a day (kids school-job-kids training-dutch school..) Like everybody else I try to find the balance in my life...

A little bit more detailed…

In January I bought my new iPadPro and my first apple pencil, which was one of my dreams. I decided to study this new digital technology, so I watched thousands of YouTube videos and online courses, after a while I became quite confident with this new technique. I made some experimentation to combine it with coding and making moving illustrations, which is super fun! I definitely would like to continue it, especially the animation part..which is always somewhere in my heart.

Somewhere in summer I worked on the folk tale calendar project for Kalendart Kft., which filled me with so much happiness, joy and a kind of confidence. I like to work at my desk, next to me Thomas, our rescued dog, and when I watch out from my window, I can see our neighbor's horses grazing and playing with each other. It's just perfect, calm, silent and full of possibilities, I just need this special atmosphere.

In spring time, I held my first dutch workshop in my daughter's school, I loved it!! We painted with acrylic and the kids were super kind and super enthusiastic. I made some volunteering for the school as well, like the ‚Save the date’ flyer and poster, and a huge wall graphic design which was painted on my kid's school outside wall. JUNGLE!! The kids love it, and it gives me a lot as well. (I'm still smiling every day when I see it in the school.)

During the summer time we travelled a lot with my family, and with my husband we were preparing for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, which we ran in October. Such an amazing event, such an atmosphere....and running is still my long moving meditation.

In autumn we finalized our old-new book: Sálmese. I travelled to Hungary for the book presentation, and I got to know some wonderful people and magical bookshops in Biatorbágy, Kisgombos and in Pest, Két egér.

At the end of the year I met Nora, the half hungarian half greek yoga teacher and I illustrated and designed her 'Little yogi on board' book. Such an amazing collaboration with Nora and her sister, Marta.

Anyway I’m super grateful for 2019, and I have so many plans for 2020.

The first big step was to decide to leave my half time job and focus 100% on my graphic design illustration jobs. I have already contracts for some books and projects which are super exciting. I really would like to enjoy this year, more relaxed and in the meantime lose myself in my illustration works :) Make workshops to share what I have and learn from others as well. I would like to illustrate many books, let’s say minimum 5, explore new studios, and artist, and people…Make a travel with a campervan to Norway, continue my Dutch studies, read books, that I like a lot. And like last year when I travelled to New York and London and Venice, discover new places, people…and sometimes just sit and watch alpine ski or tennis with a glass of wine or reading David Walliams, Bulgakov or Margaret Atwood…so hello 2020 :)